A brief history of telegrams
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Retro-Gram Classic
The pragmatic look of an early 1930s telegram. Our signature Retro-Gram features a yellow-paper background, particularly appropriate for messages that will be viewed on-screen (rather than printed).

The early days of telegrams, from the Civil War to the Great War, are captured in this classic design. Send a message of romance, adventure, or intrigue that's sure to be noticed.

The swooshing cursive, the spinning globe, the optimistic look of the 1920s. This catchy design is brimming with fun and style. It's the bee's knees!

World Wide Webgram
An urgent message from the front lines of battle might be sent on this 1940s style Retro-Gram. Forthright, disciplined, and commanding of respect. Victory!
Electric Mailgram
Need to impress the boss? Communicate vital election results? This more formal 1930s telegram carries prestige and demands the reader's immediate attention.

Retro-Gram Nouveau
Rendered in bold, clean lines of the 1950s, this design is suitable for any purpose, from congratulations to condolence.

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PLEASE NOTE: your Retro-Gram will be sent as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file to provide your correspondent with the highest quality telegram possible.

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